Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm heeeeeeeere!

Allright people, I'm baaaaaaack (but not like in a creepy poltergiesty way, just in an OMG I forgot about my blog and my dedication to paying off debt kind of way).  I hate to admit it but clearly I must.  4 years later, and lots of wagons that we fell off (seriously, I bought a new van and everything), add in a move to Europe (wah hoo!!!) and we're still massively in debt.  As of right this second we are sitting at $37,187.22  .................................................................

Sorry, I passed out there for a second.  See, here's the thing, The Husband is going to retire from the military in 5 scant years.  At that time we will be moving back to home, buying land, building a house, etc etc.  Also, The Husband wants to be The Stay-At-Home dad while I become The Breadwinner.  That means not only do we have to pay off $37,187.22 worth of debt in 5 years, but I need to get my masters degree as well.  Do you know how much a masters degree costs?  Like as much as a tricked out mercedes!  Of course it is a must and completely priceless once it's done, but the price is painful in the process!  I plan to use The Husbands GI Bill to pay for it but The Teenager is going to be going to college in 18 months.  How am I suppose to pay for that too????  So, I'm completely freaking out!  Like, omg someone hand me the belgian chocolates and the cheetos puffs kind of freaking out.  I'm not sure it's entirely possible.  Especially when you add in the fact that we live in freaking EUROPE and the travel just calls to me.  It whispers to me in the night like a secret lover, wanting me to fly to different places and eat ethnic foods.  How can I say no?  It says all the right things and knows how to get me to say "yes".  It's like giving up your bachelor pad when you get married, you just don't want to.  We'll only be here for two more years and there are still a billion and five places I want to go!  Grrrr, being a responsible adult sucks almost as much as being a monkey in a zoo.  That poor monkey can't go to Rome on holiday, but I can and it's killing my budget! 

The biggest issues over here with budgeting is that I can't get the kind of deals I used to in the states.  No CVS, no walgreens, no craigslist.  We have something like it but it's not as profitable over here.  Also, I'm dealing with two currencies so that makes my budgeting extra difficult.  So, in short, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, I have to be.  I have too many grown-upy type things that I have to do, so here we go again!

Total debt:
Le credit card:  $8328.52
Le Student Loan:  $7294.82
Le Van Payment:  $21563.88

Le Crappy Total:  $37187.22

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