Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fridge clean out Saturday!

So, today I decided that I would clean out the fridge.  Meal planning has made it so that we almost never throw away food anymore.  Here is a picture of what we're throwing away this week:

Half a container of yogurt and three slices of pizza from a week ago.  We did slack off a bit on the meal planning this week otherwise these things would have been eaten.  Every time I throw food away I think about the millions of people starving in North Korea who would do anything to have these things but can't, and I feel guilty.  I take it upon myself to be a better consumer so that if I can't fix the hunger for those in North Korea, atleast I can be sure to not be wasteful with the abundance of food available to us here.  On that note, here is a link to my favorite meal planning worksheet:

And here is a link if you are interested in helping provide food for hungry orphans in North Korea:

How does this relate to being thrifty/paying debt/getting a masters degree?  If we are mindful of all the things available to us, how much we consume, and the monetary amount of  how much we throw away, then we are more aware of missed opportunities.  The food in the picture above totals around $4.  While $4 doesn't seem like a lot, it could feed a hungry child, or lower our debt amount, or any other plethora of things.  Instead, we threw $4 in the trash which is something no one would consider doing if it was actual paper money instead of old food.  I am mindful of that and vow to do better next week. 

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