Sunday, September 23, 2012

I just might have lost my everlovin' mind

The Husband and I just decided to do the unthinkable.  We have decided to have the 5 year old's next birthday party......................................... AT HOME.  This is something that I've never ever ever done.  I'm not so great with kids, I feel like I can't relate to them, so I've always done birthday parties at locations where I don't have to provide the entertainment.  Think Chuck E Cheese, or the bowling alley or something like that.  Well, in our quest to get our finances under control, we decided that it would save us a CONSIDERABLE amount of money to entertain the children ourselves.  I might end up being committed after, but atleast I'll be saving money!!  The theme is a princess tea party for about 10-15 little girls.  If you know me, you know this is the antithesis of me, but my little one will love it, and so will my pocketbook.  I know for a lot of people parties at home are the norm, but for me this is a hugely radical change, and frankly I'm pretty darn proud of it.  So, tell me, what radical change are you willing to make?


Joe Juarez said...

Yes you have and you're trying to drag us into your psychosis by inviting us to spend that weekend at your house.
We'll be there, but you better send Chris to the store to buy a couple of bottles of whisky.

redsonja said...

Of course! Don't be silly!