Friday, September 28, 2012

Payday. Blech.

I know I should be thankful that The Husband has a nice stable job with a good income, and that I have a nice parttime gig with great hours, but I still hate payday.  First you're rich.  Then you're not!  After paying all the bills, buying winter clothes for the little one, buying birthday party supplies and a gift for her, buying rotors for my car, and setting aside money for the Civic's oil change, we're back to nothing again.  While I'm grateful that there is plenty of money to meet every single one of our needs, and a couple of our wants (yea, so I totally bought boots today but they were 25% off and AWESOME and as they say in Winterfell:  Winter is coming!), I am frustrated that we're not just rolling in dough.  I know that's my mental thing I've got to get around, but we live in a society that expects us to spend money left and right.  What if you don't have any money to the left or the right?  Then what do you do?  Well, before we'd whip out the shiny plastic credit card and continue to spend money that was never ours to spend.  Now we've decided that we'd do something totally crazy.  You ready for this?  We're going to....................................NOT SPEND.  Holy cow, did I just say that?  It's almost taboo to say, let alone do, but that's precisely what we will do.  Or not do.  Whichever is grammatically correct.  So, if you're local to us, don't be surprised if we turn down the invitation to go out to eat, and please do accept our invitation to eat here.  It can be really fun hanging out with friends, playing games, eating homemade food, and drinking wine!  The challenge is to find free activities for the kids.  Tonight The Husband has got that covered, he will be camping out in the living room, playing games, and making smores in the fireplace.  FREE!  So, on that note, I'm off to the grocery store (with my coupons of course) to secure a reduced price good time for the next two weeks!

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