Friday, September 26, 2008

So, it's uh, been a while......

I forgot about my non-blog!!! Can you believe it?! I got so wrapped up in the deals and yard sales, and selling stuff, and paying off debt that I forgot to write about the deals, and the selling stuff, and the paying off debt. Not out of sight=out of mind. Go figure. Anywho.....sold some more stuff online, and put the amounts on the debt. We are now sitting at, drum roll please.......................................................$45,001. $1 measly little dollar from under 45. Man we're so close I can taste it!!! I've been doing a lot of deal hunting as well. Winter is coming (if you can call it that in South Texas) and so I've been scouring the yard sales looking for winter items for my littlest one who is almost two. This past weekend at a yard sale I found her a pair of pants, a top, a pair of shoes, and a winter jacket for the grand total of $1.25!!!!!! Holy crap, that's some cheap stuff! I was so excited. This weekend our community is doing their quarterly yard sale, so I'm going to go see what else I can find for super cheap. I'm trying to find new blinds for the house without spending $40 each at the hardware store. I have gotten two pairs of blinds for $5 before, so I'm hopeful it will happen again. I have 10 more windows to fit! Today I went to Walgreens and bought 9 bottles of shampoo for $1.31. THAT right there is the power of coupons. I love coupons. I lust for my coupons. I'm having an illicit affair with my coupons. We rendesvouz every Sunday morning. The Husband knows, but he's not jealous. He knows I'll always come back to him. After all, the coupons sometimes get attitude with me (excludes trial size, sheesh!). Looking forward to this weekends CVS deals. Think they're gonna be good! Also, we found out that The Husband will be getting a raise starting NEXT MONTH! An additional $375/mo (before taxes) to go to the debt snowball. Dave would be so proud................ I'll keep you updated!

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