Monday, September 1, 2008

More craigslist awesomeness!

Dave Ramsey says to keep $1000 in a baby emergency fund while you wipe away your debt. In order to set up the savings account we had to have a recurring deposit (every payday). We already have the $1000 so each payday when the recurring deposit happens we take that amount back, plus interest earned for the month and put it on our credit card. Today was $51.92! That brought the total of debt down to $45,809!!!

In other news we moved the baby to the big girl bed. We already had the bed and the mattress, and the sheets, so we only had to purchase the pillow and the blanket. We bought the cheapest ones we could find. In doing this we were able to list our crib, crib mattress, and mattress protector on cragislist, and it sold in 1 day to a family with a new foster baby! That's another $60 for the credit card. I can't pay it until the banks open tomorrow, so I will update the total with my ebay winnings as well tomorrow. Gazelle intense baby!!!

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Rachel said...

You inspire me so much!
I'm glad you've started a "not a" blog! It will be fun to keep up with your progress.
I hope to be as gazelle as you some day. :)

Oh, and I love Craigslist too!!!