Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brrrr it's getting cold in here. So put on all your clothes.

I am getting so cold, I'm gonna put my clothes on!  Please tell me you remember that song "It's getting hot in heereee" by Nelly otherwise my post title is really stupid!

Fall is really upon us, and while it gets to a nice 60-65 degrees at the top of the day, at night it is brisk to say the least.  I am determined to NOT turn my heat on yet.  Electricity in Germany is very very very expensive.  We pay on average $375-$400 a month depending on the exchange rate.  We pay a set amount every month and at the end of the year we are reconciled and will pay more/be refunded based on our useage.  Obviously I'm aiming for the "be refunded" aspect of this.  So, I'm sitting here in my sweatpants, my sweatshirt, and my slippers with my heater of a dog in my lap covered in blankets.  But hey, I'm saving money!  How about you, have you turned the heater on yet?

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